ML-AIM Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

Research Laboratory led by Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar

Our Mission:

To develop new methods in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to transform medicine and healthcare

We have unique assets:

·         We develop new theory and methods in

        -         machine learning and artificial intelligence

        -         applied mathematics and statistics

        -         operations research

        -         engineering, incl. distributed computing

       To learn more about our methods - see [main page]

·         Working with numerous clinical and medical collaborators and organizations

       To learn more about our methods - see [main page]

·         World's best PhD students and a dedicated advisor

ML-AIM has defined and is pursuing a bold research agenda to transform medicine and healthcare:

Personalized Medicine

·         Lifestyle optimization and disease prevention

·         Disease detection and prediction of disease progression (longitudinal)

·         Best interventions and treatments

AI-assisted Healthcare Delivery

·         State-of-the-art tools for clinicians & healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care

AI-assisted Healthcare Systems

·         Optimization of healthcare systems (quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, robustness, scalability)

Machine Learning & Medicine: Vision

For more details, see Mihaela van der Schaar's chapter in the Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer,
discussing how machine learning can transform medicine and healthcare - see [Link]