van der Schaar Lab

2022 open house – showcasing the lab’s vision and leadership

The van der Schaar Lab’s 2022 open house took place on 19 October as a by-invitation event for collaborators and sponsors. Mihaela van der Schaar and members of the lab presented a cohesive vision for machine learning for healthcare, while demonstrating how this vision is already becoming reality through a range of world-leading research projects.

The full event consisted of 9 short mini-seminars given by lab members, focusing on projects or areas grouped around three broad themes: challenge, growth, and impact.

All mini-seminars (as well as Mihaela’s introductory presentation) are provided in full below. All reference material is provided with QR codes inside the video. The Q&A/discussion breaks between sessions are not included.

You can also view the video on YouTube here.

Recording of the Open House 2022

In a short introductory presentation, Mihaela van der Schaar outlines the lab’s ongoing vision and research focus, shares some key resources and reference material, and explains our ongoing focus on using engagement to help build the future of ML for healthcare. This is then followed by the mini-seminars presented by our researchers.

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