van der Schaar Lab

The Cambridge AI in Medicine Summer School

Who is it for?

This school is tailored to physicians, medical students, and other clinicians without or little prior knowledge of AI and machine learning. All you need is a passion to engage with AI for Medicine in a fast-paced learning environment where you will build expertise from the ground up.

Do you have prior experience with AI and ML and are looking for our more technical Summer School? You can find it here:

What to expect?

Our Topics

Over five days, we will provide a comprehensive program guiding you through the foundations of machine learning in clinical settings. Our experts will teach the most important topics at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare.

Large Language Models

Domain-specific prompting

No-code ML development

Novel Interfaces

ML Foundations



Time-Series Models

Risk and Screening

Early Diagnosis


AI in different specialities

Treatment Effect Estimation

Intelligent EHRs

Next Generation Clinical Trials

Biomedical Discovery

Gain insights from keynotes delivered by world-renowned experts

Hand—on mini projects, working with models from Cambridge and beyond

Guidance from outstanding mentors

Join us to start your AI journey!

Our Keynote Speakers

More Speakers to be announced soon!

Prof Lena Maier-Hein


Heidelberg University

National Center for Tumor Diseases

German Cancer Research Center

Prof Manolis Kellis

The AI Frontier: Genomic Medicine, Healthcare, Human Knowledge


Broad Institute


Prof Don Ingber

Drug Development Enabled by AI, Human Organ Chips, and other Novel Experimental Models

Wyss Institute

Harvard University


Prof Mihaela van der Schaar

John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine at the University of Cambridge;
Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute in London;
Founding Director at CCAIM

University of Cambridge

Turing Institute


Tim Schubert

MD/PhD Student

University of Heidelberg

Affiliated with the van der Schaar Lab

Tim Oosterlinck

Master’s Student

KU Leuven

Affiliated with the van der Schaar Lab