van der Schaar Lab

Revolutionizing Healthcare #26

Engagement session

On May 17, the van der Schaar Lab will hold its twenty-sixth Revolutionizing Healthcare engagement session for doctors and healthcare professionals.  

Our session will focus extensively on the contributions of and engaging discussions with our expert panel. We are welcoming: 

Dr Tobias Gauss, MD (Consultant Department Anaesthesia and Critical Care Beaujon Hospital Hopitaux Universitaires Paris Nord Val de Sein, Clichy, France) 

Dr Alexander Gimson, MD (Consultant Transplant Hepatologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Chair of the Care Advisory Group, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Sustainability and Transformation Partnership) 
– Prof Eoin McKinney, MD (Professor in renal medicine at the University of Cambridge; Honorary consultant in nephrology and transplantation, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Faculty member at the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine) 
We are looking forward to discussing with our panel as well as receiving your questions. Working together in this way will let us truly revolutionise healthcare! 

Location and date/time

This event will take place on Zoom on May 17 at 16:00 BST.

The event is finished.


May 17 2023


Note: time is shown in BST
16:00 - 17:15