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Inspiration Exchange: AutoPrognosis 2.0

The van der Schaar Lab’s 22nd Inspiration Exchange session took place on 22 November, 2022. To start the session, Prof Mihaela van der Schaar gave an introductory presentation about AutoPrognosis 2.0, followed by a demonstration of the tool by Dr Fergus Imrie.

Subsequently, Dr Thomas Callender presented his recent work utilising AutoPrognosis. Core of the session was the roundtable discussion, where guests Prof Eoin McKinney (CCAIM), Dr Thomas Callender (UCL), and Dr Aditya Nori (Microsoft Health Futures) shared their perspectives on AutoPrognosis 2.0 and autoML in health.

The session was then opened up to the audience for Q&A and general discussion. To learn more about AutoPrognosis 2.0, please see our recorded video below, our dedicated website, and our paper.

Inspiration Exchange – Frontiers in ML Interpretability

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