van der Schaar Lab
Adaptive clinical trials

ML in clinical trials – impact survey

Clinical trials have increasingly come to represent a major domain of research for our lab.

At the moment, we see so much potential and so many possibilities for ML in a wide range of applications/areas in the clinical development journey. To be effective, however, we need to prioritize and focus on the most important and achievable problems as part of a strategic research plan. This is where we’d like your help.

Using this survey, we’d like to present a range of areas where we believe ML could feasibly have an impact. We hope to hear your thoughts and feedback on these problems—for example, whether the problem is recognized by members of your organization, whether there’s perceived value to solving it, and whether solutions could realistically be implemented.

Please note that (although the process of answering the questions is extremely simple) the expected time requirement for completing this survey is about 15-20 minutes. This is because we cover a range of clinical trial areas, and assess the potential useness of doing so from a variety of perspectives.

If you’d like to learn more about our lab’s work related to adaptive clinical trials, please take a look at our dedicated research pillar page on the topic.