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Prof Mihaela van der Schaar speaks with the BBC about how AI is already improving our lives

In an interview with BBC News Mundo, released on 14 June, Mihaela spoke with journalist Margarita Rodríguez as part of an article on “3 areas where artificial intelligence is already improving our lives”.

In said article, Mihaela got the spotlight when it came to the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of diseases – but also on the topic of artificial intelligence in general, and its impact on society:

People shouldn’t be afraid of AI. The more people participate in AI, the more it democratises, the more it can flourish. […] I have this vision where people in the AI field, like myself, can find people from other areas to join forces and form a community in such a way that we build reality-centric tools, instead of just having a few companies with a clear agenda of what they want and just push AI in that direction.

This, in an impactful way, illustrates our labs’s strive to connect with professionals and clinicians, not at least through our Revolutionizing Healthcare, Inspiration Exchange, and WeCreate engagement series, to foster a collaborative effort in pushing the boundaries in AI and machine learning. We further release our cutting-edge software packages as open-source tools to democratise and open our research to the public.

Read the full article (in Spanish) here.

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Andreas Bedorf