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Prof Mihaela van der Schaar to give Keynote at MICCAI 2023

When the 26th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention starts on 8 October 2023 in Vancouver, participants can look forward to Prof van der Schaar delivering a striking keynote.

MICCAI, the global gathering of brilliant minds in biomedical science, engineering, and clinical practice, annually unites innovators across medical imaging and computer-assisted intervention. With three days of cutting-edge science through presentations and posters, and a surrounding schedule of workshops, tutorials, and challenges, delegates delve deep into the heart of MICCAI. Satellite events offer diverse session formats, expanding horizons and forging connections in the ever-evolving world of MICCAI.

Prof van der Schaar will speak along a tremendously illustrious line-up, including Prof Yann LeCun (VP and Chief AI Scientist at Meta and Silver Professor at NYU), Dr Gretchen Purcell Jackson (VP and Scientific Medical Officer at Intuitive), and Jocelyne Troccaz (CNRS Senior Scientist in the TIMC laboratory in Grenoble).

On 9 October, Prof van der Schaar will talk about Synthetic Data as a powerful creative tool and its importance for healthcare. Our lab has been on the forefront of this field for a while now, including presenting in-depth tutorials at leading conferences such as ICML 2021 and AAAI 2023.

We are proud that our lab’s efforts are continuing to be recognised by the global community, and that we keep shaping the conversation.

All information and registration for MICCAI here.

Find out more about our work with Synthetic Data in our dedicated Research Pillar.

Andreas Bedorf