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Revolutionizing Healthcare: AI and ML for early detection and diagnosis

The van der Schaar Lab’s thirteenth Revolutionizing Healthcare engagement session for clinicians took place virtually on February 8, 2022.

In this session, Mihaela van der Schaar and an international panel of clinical experts explored how AI and machine learning can help transform early detection and diagnosis (ED&D).

Our panel for this session consisted of:

  • Prof. Hari Trivedi (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Radiology and Imaging Services & Dept. of Biomedical Informatics, Emory University School of Medicine)
  • Prof. Parag Mallick (Associate Professor of Radiology, Cancer Early Detection Canary Center, Stanford University)
  • Prof. Tony Ng (Head of Comprehensive Cancer Centre, School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences, KCL; Professor of Molecular Oncology, UCL)
  • Prof. Willie Hamilton (Professor of Primary Care Diagnostics, University of Exeter; Director of Research, CanTest Research Collaborative)
  • Prof. Yoryos Lyratzopoulos (Professor of Cancer Epidemiology & Group Leader for Epidemiology of Cancer Healthcare & Outcomes Group, UCL)

The session started with a presentation by Mihaela van der Schaar, who highlighted the importance of ED&D as one of healthcare’s “holy grails” and introduced a wide range of areas where machine learning and AI can have a positive impact. The latter part of the session featured a clinician roundtable comprising an expert panel of five specialists in the area of diagnosis and detection (primarily related to cancer). Our panelists answered an array of questions posed by Mihaela, and discussed the path forward for AI and machine learning for ED&D.

Introduction – 0:00
Declaration of interests – 0:43
Session overview – 1:33
Meet the roundtable panelists – 3:53
Presentation by Mihaela: “What can machine learning do for ED&D?” – 5:26
Roundtable topic 1: most useful AI/ML areas for ED&D – 37:13
Roundtable topic 2: types of data needed for ED&D – 51:41
Roundtable topic 3: how ED&D sits within our lab’s framework for ML for healthcare – 54:29
Intro to next sessions and note on CPD credits – 1:01:15

NOTE: This information was up-to-date at the time of the presentation but does not take into account material published since then.

A written companion piece on ED&D (for a clinical audience) can be found here.

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Nick Maxfield

From 2020 to 2022, Nick oversaw the van der Schaar Lab’s communications, including media relations, content creation, and maintenance of the lab’s online presence.