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Revolutionizing Healthcare and Hub for Healthcare: please share your thoughts

Our lab hopes to use engagement sessions and online resources to create an interdisciplinary community dedicated to machine learning for healthcare.

In particular, we need the guidance of clinicians to help us explore, frame and solve important real-world problems in the domain of healthcare, and to work our solutions into a cohesive ecosystem for healthcare delivery.

This is the purpose of our ongoing Revolutionizing Healthcare series, as well as the newly-launched Hub for Healthcare.

For reference:

Here’s a write-up explaining why we set up Revolutionizing Healthcare.

You can find our Revolutionizing Healthcare sessions here on YouTube.

Our newly-launched Hub for Healthcare can be found here.

Here’s a short video introducing the Hub for Healthcare.

We would like your feedback to ensure that we are doing everything we can to make projects like these as useful and worthy of engagement as possible.

To that end, we’d be extremely grateful for any thoughts or feedback you could share—or any problems/questions you’d like us to add to the Hub for Healthcare.

Please help us by sharing your thoughts on Revolutionizing Healthcare and the Hub for Healthcare