van der Schaar Lab

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Gathering expertise: which AI skills should medical professionals learn?

For our Revolutionizing Healthcare engagement series, we are inviting practicing clinicians and medical students to our next session on 10 October from 16:00-17:30 BST (slightly longer than usual) (other time zones here).

This time, we will explore the significance of AI education for young clinicians – if we want to revolutionise healthcare, we need to give clinicians the right tools and abilities early on in their career to make AI and ML second nature.

How will the session work? Participate live in our session, where we will pose your questions and ideas to experts, canvas your views and together shape the future of AI in medical education!

We will explore critical topics such as: How can clinicians harness AI applications to enhance patient outcomes? Do we need clinical AI specialists? and Which depth of expertise is required to effectively utilise clinical AI?

Who will be there? As we want to highlight the importance and experience of young clinicians and their journey with AI, we are supported by Tim Schubert and Tim Oosterlinck, two visiting medical students at the van der Schaar Lab and great examples of what we might aim for.

In addition, we will be joined by a panel of renowned experts that we will announce soon!

Join us as we delve into the heart of AI education for clinicians and let us unlock the potential that lies at the intersection of healthcare and artificial intelligence. This is a discussion you don’t want to miss!

If you’d like to sign up, you can do so here. You might also be interested in our previous sessions collected in our Archive.