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van der Schaar Lab at ICML 2022: 7 papers and 3 workshops 

Note: this post originally appeared on 17 May, but was updated and republished on 18 July with details regarding poster sessions and workshops.

When ICML 2022 takes place from 17 – 23 July, the van der Schaar lab will be well-represented with 7 accepted papers at this leading international academic conference in machine learning.

Along with NeurIPS and ICLR, ICML is one of the 3 primary conferences of high impact in machine learning and artificial intelligence research.

During our 29 June Inspiration Exchange session, we brought together our students to give an introduction to their ICML papers, you can watch this here:


All 7 papers accepted for publication at ICML 2022 highlight our lab’s continuing and impactful research. Our researchers will be able to present on topics such as discovering diverse classes of differential equations from data, machine learning interpretability, synthetic data, data-centric AI, AutoML, data imputation, individualised treatment effects, and, last but not least, augmenting human skills using machine learning.

Based on the work at the van der Schaar lab on cutting-edge machine learning methods for complex and important problems, all of the papers offer substantial technical contributions in areas that we believe are particularly promising and that further the lab’s research agenda for healthcare.

Titles, authors, and abstracts for all 7 papers are given below. We have now also added presentation and poster-session times.

For an introduction to some of the highlights of this year’s contributions, we have produced in-a-nutshell-videos for our paper on how faithful is your Synthetic Data, Neural Laplace, Data-SUITE, and HyperImpute.

Expand for all information on the papers


The van der Schaar lab will be involved in three workshops at ICML. On Friday 22 July, Mihaela van der Schaar will give a keynote, answering the question: ‘did machine learning make any difference in the COVID-19 pandemic?’ for the 1st ever workshop on Healthcare AI and Covid-19.

Also on Friday 22 July, the Adaptive Experimental Design and Active Learning in the Real World (ReALML) workshop will include a Spotlight presentation about ‘Adaptively Identifying Good Patient Populations in Clinical Trials‘. Furthermore, said paper will be presented as poster alongside ‘Identifying Good Arms Fast and with Confidence: Strategies and Empirical Insights‘, both authored by Alicia Curth, Alihan Hüyük, and Mihaela van der Schaar.

The Workshop trifecta will be concluded on Saturday 23 July, with Hao Sun, Boris van Breugel, Jonathan Crabbé, Nabeel Seedat, and Mihaela van der Schaar presenting a poster about ‘DAUX: a Density-based Approach for Uncertainty Explanations’ at the Distribution-Free Uncertainty Quantification Workshop.

About ICML 2022

The full ICML 2022 schedule will be available here.

For a full list of the van der Schaar Lab’s publications, click here.

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