van der Schaar Lab

van der Schaar Lab at ICML 2024: 4 workshop-papers accepted

Not only will our lab be well-represented at the world’s largest and most prestigious AI and machine learning conferences with 7 papers, showcasing our cutting-edge research (more information here), but we will also present some more specifically tailored projects at some of the inspiring workshops held alongside the main conference.

When the Forty-first International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2024), one of the leading international academic conference in machine learning, takes place from 21 – 27 July, the van der Schaar lab will present 4 papers at five workshops.

These papers dive into some of the most exciting areas within the lab’s extensive research agenda, including LLMs, Deep Learning, Meta-Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.

Titles and authors for all 4 papers are given below:

Andreas Bedorf