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The van der Schaar Lab’s Zhaozhi Qian progresses to a postdoc position with us

The van der Schaar Lab is delighted to announce the graduation of PhD student Zhaozhi Qian and his progression to a postdoc position within the lab.

Zhaozhi first joined the lab in 2019, under the supervision of Mihaela van der Schaar. His PhD research has focused on causal inference, time series, and generative models. Through his PhD over the past 4 years, Zhaozhi has developed methods to model disease progression and pathways, exploring and learning the underlying dynamics of biological processes with limited data. All of this work has culminated in Zhaozhi’s PhD thesis, entitled “Structured machine learning for dynamical systems in healthcare”. In October 2022, Zhaozhi has successfully passed his PhD viva.

One of Zhaozhi’s personal highlights during his PhD was his volunteer work for the NHS during the pandemic, contributing his know-how in AI to the UK’s first ICU capacity planning and forecasting system.

We are very excited that Zhaozhi decided to stay part of the van der Schaar Lab as postdoc.

“I deeply value the exceptional opportunity to engage in pioneering AI research, which allows me to contribute towards transformative advancements in the field of healthcare. Furthermore, I am honoured to be part of a team of exceptional and highly motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds, whose collaborative efforts further enrich my research experience.”

Zhaozhi Qian

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Mihaela van der Schaar and the lab’s researchers would like to wholeheartedly congratulate Zhaozhi on his graduation, thank him for his immeasurable contributions to the life and work of the lab so far, and wish to express our excitement to keep working with him during his time as postdoc with us.

As one of the dominant forces driving progress in a burgeoning area, the van der Schaar Lab continues to grow its research team.

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