• What is Adjutorium?

    An online tool for breast cancer
    prognostication and decision support

    Adjutorium is an online machine learning-based prognostication tool that enables patients and clinicians predict survival rates and treatment benefits for early invasive breast cancer after breast-conserving surgery.

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  • Who is Adjutorium for?

    Women with early-stage breast cancer

    Adjutorium predicts survival outcomes for patients with early breast cancer after breast conserving surgery. Use Adjutorium in consultation with your specialist to decide whether adjuvant therapies are right for you.

  • Adjutorium augments
    your clinician!

    Use it in consultation with a doctor

    Adjutorium predicts your most likely outcomes based on current knowledge and data, but will never provide a 100% accurate prediction for any individual. We recommend that you discuss Adjutorium results with your own specialist in a more personalised context.

  • How does Adjutorium work?

    State-of-the-art machine learning

    Adjutorium makes predictions using a state-of-the-art automated machine learning model that was trained using historical data for patients like you!

  • How was Adjutorium derived
    and validated?

    Using data for nearly 1 million women!

    Adjutorium was developed and externally validated using data for nearly 1 million women captured in the cancer registries of the UK and the US.

  • Who developed Adjutorium?

    A multidisciplinary team of academics

    Adjutorium was developed through a collaboration between Public Health England and a multidisciplinary team of academics from UCLA, Cambridge university, the Alan Turing Institute, and Queen Mary univeristy.

  • How can I contribute to Adjutorium?

    Provide us with feedback!

    You can contribute to Adjutorium by participating in our feedback survey. Tell us about your clinician or patient experience using Adjutorium so that we can continuously improve its future versions.


How can I use Adjutorium?

Adjutorium requests some information about the patient, and uses a machine learning algorithm to predict the patient's survival profile under different treatment options using data for similar women diagnosed with breast cancer in the past. Click on the link below to start using Adjutorium.

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How was Adjutorium developed?

Adjutorium predicts survival profiles and treatment benefits using a state-of-the-art automated machine learning model that was trained and externally validated on data for nearly 1 million patients in the UK and the US.

Who is Adjutorium for?

Adjutorium predicts prognosis for early breast cancer patients after surgery. Adjutorium can be used by clinicians, patients and their families. Patients and their caregivers should use Adjutorium and discuss treatment options in consultation with a medical professional.

Want to use our machine learning tools in your research?

The van der Schaar Lab is led by Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar at the University of Cambridge. The lab develops machine learning tools for a broad spectrum of healthcare problems. Adjutorium was developed using AutoPrognosis, an automated machine learning software recently developed by the van der Schaar Lab. AutoPrognosis is open-source, so you can use it to build prognostic models for your own research! To explore AutoPrognosis and other tools developed by ML-AIM, check out the links below.