van der Schaar Lab

Clinical partners

Our lab’s mission is to develop cutting-edge machine learning methods and models that can revolutionize healthcare. None of this would be possible without the guidance of an extensive network of clinical colleagues, who have expertly framed real-world problems for us to solve and helped us understand the complexities of healthcare systems.

This is a particularly diverse network: our partners are spread across several continents, represent a wide range of specializations, and have varying degrees of familiarity with AI and machine learning.

A list of our clinical partners (including affiliations and specializations) can be found below.

Affiliations are accurate at the time of writing, but may change; some individuals may have multiple affiliations that are not listed.
This list generally follows the title/suffix/prefix conventions used by each individual’s affiliated organization, although the “MD” suffix has been homogenized to the “Dr.” prefix where it occurs.


UC Davis Health
– Dr. Martin Cadeiras (cardiologist)

UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center
– Dr. Akash Shah (orthopedic surgeon)
– Dr. Brent Ershoff MS (anesthesiologist)
– Dr. Camelia Davtyan (internal medicine specialist)
– Dr. Kelly McCann Ph.D. (hematologist oncologist)
– Prof. Dr. Maxime Cannesson Ph.D. (anesthesiologist)
– Dr. Nelson SooHoo (orthopedic surgeon)
– Prof. Dr. Patricia Ganz (oncologist)
– Dr. Sai Devana (orthopedic surgeon)
– Dr. Mindy Ross MAS MBA (pediatric pulmonologist)

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
– Dr. Bingnan Zhang MBA (hematologist oncologist)

University of Washington
– Dr. Christoph Lee MS MBA (radiologist)
– Dr. Habib Rahbar (radiologist)
– Dr. Safia Cheeney (radiologist)
– Dr. Savannah Partridge Ph.D. (radiologist)


British Heart Foundation Cambridge Centre of Excellence
– Dr. Angela Wood (cardiovascular epidemiologist)
– Prof. Emanuele Di Angelantonio (cardiovascular epidemiologist)

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
– Dr. Alexander Light (urologist)
– Dr. Ari Ercole (intensivist/anaesthetist)
– Mr. David Thurtle (urologist)
– Dr. Eoin McKinney (immunologist)
– Prof. Fiona Gilbert (radiologist)
– Dr. George Mells (hepatologist)
– Dr. James Rudd Ph.D. (cardiologist)
– Dr. Lydia Drumright (epidemiologist/bioinformatician)
– Prof. Dr. Michael Nicholson (nephrologist)
– Mr. Vincent Gnanapragasam (urologist)

Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine
– Dr. Alexander Gimson (transplant hepatologist)

Cancer Research UK
– Prof. Dr. Carlos Caldas (oncologist)

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
– Prof. Arnie Purushotham (consultant surgeon)

Health Education England
– Dr. Harpreet Sood (primary care doctor)

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
David Cox (neonatologist)

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Vishnu Chandrabalan (surgeon)

NHS Digital
– Dr. Jem Rashbass Ph.D. ([formerly] executive director, data and analytical services)

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
– Prof. Dr. Adrian Harris (oncologist)
– Dr. James Ray (emergency medicine consultant)

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
– Mr. Gabriel Oniscu (nephrologist)

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
– Dr. Thom Daniels (consultant general and respiratory surgeon)

University College London
– Dr. Thomas Callender (clinical training fellow)
– Mr. Vasilis Stavrinides (clinical research training fellow)

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
– Dr. Amitava Banerjee (cardiologist)
– Dr. Neal Navani (respiratory consultant)
– Dr. Steve Harris (critical care physician)

Queen Mary
– Prof. Fiona Walter (primary care/cancer researcher)


KU Leuven
– Prof. Dr. Dirk Timmerman (obstetrician-gynaecologist)
– Prof. Dr. Sileny Han (gynaecologist-oncologist)
– Dr. Valerie Vandeweerd (obstetrician-gynaecologist)

UMC Amsterdam
– Prof. Dr. Henk van Weert Ph.D. (general practice)
– Dr. Lucas Fleuren (intensivist)
– Drs. Patrick Thoral (intensivist)
– Dr. Paul Elbers (intensivist)

University of Bologna
– Dr. Edina Cenko Ph.D. (cardiologist)
– Dr. Olivia Manfrini (cardiologist)
– Prof. Raffaele Bugiardini (cardiologist)

University of Limoges
– Prof. Dr. Pierre Marquet Ph.D. (pharmacologist/toxicologist)