van der Schaar Lab


You can find an extensive collection of our existing software on our GitHub org

Software Projects

AutoPrognosis 2.0 is the van der Schaar Lab’s newest framework offering the healthcare community a tool that utilizes the power of AutoML in a flexible and interpretable way.

SynthCity is a powerful library for generating and evaluating synthetic tabular data for privacy, fairness and data augmentation.

TemporAI is a Machine Learning-centric time-series library for medicine. The tasks that are currently of focus in TemporAI are: time-series prediction, time-to-event (a.k.a. survival) analysis with time-series data, and counterfactual inference (i.e. [individualized] treatment effects).


In May 2020 we announced the release of an alpha version of clairvoyance, a ground-breaking pipeline toolkit for medical time-series data that represents the culmination of years of research, development, and real-world testing. You can find the software package here.


For information specifically about Adjutorium for breast cancer, click here; Adjutorium COVID-19 source code is here.

For the source code for AutoPrognosis 1.0 (the AutoML model behind Adjutorium), click here.