van der Schaar Lab


Machine learning powered tools for clinicians

The van der Schaar lab first introduced demonstrators as part of a Revolutionizing Healthcare session about getting machine learning-powered tools into the hands of clinicians. The flowchart below describes our procedure in creating new useful demonstrators.

In this video, Mihaela van der Schaar is explaining the importance of the demonstrators and the significance of the flowchart.

On the pages of this wiki, you will find articles and video tutorials about implementing some of our lab’s cutting-edge research.

All articles involve a short introduction to the topic of the demonstrator and describes a specific clinical use that is used to present the usability of the methodology.

For a deeper dive into the topics, please have a look at our dedicated research pillars and our lab’s publications.


Demonstrator Pages

This page is a constant work in process – new demonstrators will be added as soon as they are published.