van der Schaar Lab

Ca-PRI Online Conference 2021 keynote


Mihaela van der Schaar will deliver a keynote presentation at the Ca-PRI Online Conference 2021, an event hosted by the Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI), an open, multidisciplinary network for researchers in primary cancer care and related areas.


Utilising the power of AI to promote earlier detection of cancer in primary care


While the ability of AI and machine learning to assist in diagnosing cancer is common knowledge, the discussion too often tends to revolve exclusively around one area: imaging. In this talk, I hope to offer a broader perspective and explain how AI and machine learning can revolutionise the prevention and early diagnosis of cancer by supporting a range of diagnostic processes and empowering the human professionals behind those processes.

Drawing on examples developed by my own lab in close coordination with cancer experts, I will demonstrate how we can build and implement tools that can improve accuracy and efficiency of resource usage through effective diagnostic triaging, offer clinical decision support for screening, understand the progression of individual patient health and disease trajectories, produce dynamic personalised risk scores, and use information regarding morbidities and comorbidities to prevent or detect cancer.

Location and local date/time

This event will take place online on June 10 at 09:10 BST.

About the event

The theme of Ca-PRI 2021 is ‘Cancer and Primary Care: innovation and resilience in the era of COVID-19’. The programme includes research examining all aspects of the cancer pathway, including prevention, screening, diagnosis and management of survivors; there are also dedicated sessions focusing on covid-related research. Our Keynote speakers will challenge us to think more widely about our discipline (globally, and using AI); a Plenary session will present the Cancer Research UK Roadmap on Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer, with an associated Panel discussion of funding opportunities.

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Jun 10 2021


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09:10 - 09:40