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IEEE Metaverse-2022and 2022 IEEE Smart World Congress

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Mihaela van der Schaar will deliver a keynote as part of IEEE Metaverse-2022and 2022 IEEE Smart World Congress.


The future of healthcare in the metaverse


In this keynote, I will describe my vision of how the Metaverse will transform healthcare. By applying machine learning and AI on data from a variety of devices and sensors, we can better monitor and treat patients at home, in hospitals and in the clinic, and enable patients and clinicians to interact in completely new ways in the Metaverse on the basis of the derived analytics. The Metaverse will also allow AI-enabled avatars to join multidisciplinary clinical teams, creating more efficient and more advanced health delivery systems. Finally, I will outline a vision of how national and international healthcare systems can interact and be transformed and how clinical trials can be conducted and augmented in the Metaverse.

Location and local date/time

This event will take place in person on December 16 at 9:10 GMT.

About the event

IEEE Smart World 2022 aims to provide a high-profile, leading-edge platform for researchers and engineers to exchange and explore state-of-art advances and innovations in graceful integrations of Cyber, Physical and Social Worlds with Ubiquitous Intelligence.

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Dec 16 2022


09:10 - 09:45