van der Schaar Lab

Revolutionizing Healthcare #27

Engagement session

On June 21, the van der Schaar Lab will hold its twenty-sixth Revolutionizing Healthcare engagement session for doctors and healthcare professionals.  

Who is CCAIM? The Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine is devoted to transform healthcare through its world-leading research in AI and machine learning. We hold close partnerships with clinicians and industry, and a range of upcoming education initiatives.

What is the AI Clinic? We are aiming to inform you about the opportunities of AI for healthcare, as well as additional information about the work we do and how you can use it in your practise. There will be talks, demonstrators, and exemplary projects – all provided by Prof Mihaela van der Schaar, Prof Andres Floto, Prof Eoin McKinney and Dr Thomas Callender
To get an idea about the format of the clinic, we encourage you to have a look at the recording of last year‘s edition here
We are looking forward to presenting you our tools and engage in a discussion about how best to integrate them into your work! These tools and a close relationship between machine learners and clinicians is what let us revolutionise healthcare!  

Location and date/time

This event will take place on Zoom on June 21 at 16:00 BST.

The event is finished.


Jun 21 2023


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16:00 - 17:15