van der Schaar Lab

Revolutionizing Healthcare #21

Engagement session

On November 21, the van der Schaar Lab will hold its twenty-first Revolutionizing Healthcare engagement session for doctors and healthcare professionals.

Our aim is to discuss AutoPrognosis in more depth. For that reason, we welcome back Dr Eoin McKinney, MD, who gave the clinical perspective on the impact of AutoPrognosis in our first session, as well as Dr Thomas Callender, MSc MRCP, Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow and Public Health Physician at UCL who has used a version of our tool already and previously presented his experience. In addition, we plan to have a few additional guests who will give us their insights. 

However, as our tool is all about democratising ML, we’d like YOU, our audience, to come into the session with a question or two to dig into the possibilities of AutoPrognosis. 

Please have a look at the tool on GitHub and also at our dedicated website that is full of information surrounding AutoPrognosis 2.0, and also please try it out! This website will grow over the coming weeks with more information, support, demonstrators, feedback, and will be the central point of our journey with this incredible tool. 

Location and date/time

This event will take place on Zoom on April 19 at 16:00 BST.

The event is finished.


Nov 21 2022


Note: time is shown in BST
16:00 - 17:15