van der Schaar Lab

WINDSMATH seminar series: Women in Data Science and Mathematics

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Mihaela van der Schaar will deliver a talk as part of WINDSMATH seminar series: Women in Data Science and Mathematics.


AI for Science: Discovering Diverse Classes of Governing Equations in Medicine and Beyond

Location and local date/time

This event will take place on February 26 at 14:00 GMT.

About the event

The goal of our seminar series “Women in Data Science and Mathematics” is twofold: on the one hand, it aims to show recent advancements in interdisciplinary research in mathematics and data science, and on the other hand, it should increase the visibility of underrepresented groups in the field by featuring high-quality research talks delivered by female and non-binary researchers. This approach will help to address structural bias and create role models, encouraging women to pursue research in this area.

The event is finished.


Feb 26 2024