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Inspiration Exchange: Data-centric AI

The van der Schaar Lab’s 23rd Inspiration Exchange session took place on 13 December, 2022. The session covered Data-centric AI. This session was particularly engaging and interactive, with more than 120 participants joining the session live!

o start the session, Prof Mihaela van der Schaar gave an introductory presentation about Data-centric AI, followed by a presentation about our group’s work in the field by Dr Fergus Imrie, and a deep dive into Data-IQ by Nabeel Seedat. Core of the session was the roundtable discussion with our guest Prof Isabelle Guyon (Google Brain; INRIA) who shared her perspectives on Data-centric AI, challenges, and opportunities. The session was then opened up to the audience for Q&A and general discussion.

To learn more about Data-Centric AI, please see our recorded video, and see our dedicated website for Data-Check: Data-Centric AI Checklist.

Inspiration Exchange – Frontiers in ML Interpretability

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