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SyntheticData4ML Workshop




This workshop brings together research communities in generative models, privacy, and

fairness as well as industry leaders in a joint effort to develop the theory, methodology, and

algorithms to generate synthetic benchmark datasets with the goal of enabling ethical and

reproducible ML research.

Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce that we will host the SyntheticData4MLWorkshop as part of NeurIPS 2022 on 2 December 2022. The workshop brings together research communities in generative modelsprivacy, and fairness as well as industry leaders in a joint effort to develop the theory, methodologyand algorithms to generate synthetic benchmark datasets with the goal of enabling ethical and reproducible ML research.

We invite submissions of 4 – 6 pages (references not included) of original papers on the methodology and applications of synthetic data. Example topics include (but are not limited to):
New machine models for generating synthetic data of various modalities (tabular data, image data, time series data, high-dimensional, etc.)
Privacy-preserving synthetic data (e.g. theory, generation algorithm, attack modes)
Cross-domain data generation (e.g. generation of out-of-distribution data)
Causal generative models
Synthetic data and data augmentation for ML fairness
Synthetic data for specific domains and tasks (e.g. architectures, inductive biases)
Synthetic data evaluation and performance metrics (e.g. fidelity, utility, privacy)
Novel applications of synthetic data in various application domains (medical, pharmaceutical, financial, education, etc.)
Comparison to alternative solutions for secure/private data exchange
Papers may include unlimited supplementary material, but reviewers will not be obliged to read these supplementary materials. The authors should use the NeurIPS style file provided here. All submissions are expected to conform to the NeurIPS code of conduct

Important Dates and Information

 Submission deadline: September 22nd, 2022, 11:59 PM AoE.
 Author Notification: October 20th, 2022, AoE.
Camera-ready submission (paper + poster): November 3rd, 2022, AoE.
Conference Date: 29 November – 1 December 2022
Workshop Date: 2 December 2022
The review process is double-blind, and the submission must be anonymised. All submissions are managed through OpenReview.
All accepted papers will be downloadable from the workshop webpage and are expected to be presented as posters during the workshop. However, the workshop does not publish formal proceedings and the acceptance is non-archival. This means that authors are free to publish their work in archival journals or at conferences.
Call for reviewers: if you would like to help with the reviewing process and join the program committee, please fill out this form: reviewer nomination form.


Mihaela van der Schaar

University of Cambridge; UCLA; Alan Turing Institute

Zhaozhi Qian

University of Cambridge

Dimitrios Vlitas

Accenture; University of Toronto

Dino Oglic


Tucker Balch

Georgia Tech; JP Morgan

Andreas Bedorf