van der Schaar Lab

SyntheticData4ML Workshop @ NeurIPS 2023

After a very successful first edition last year, we’ll be back with our SyntheticData4ML workshop at NeurIPS2023. After 8 years of work in this area, we are excited to see synthetic data grow and to be at the forefront of this highly transformative field.

This workshop brings together research communities in generative models, privacy, and fairness as well as industry leaders to provide a platform for vigorous discussion between all these different perspectives in the hope of progressing the ideal of using synthetic data for better and trustworthy ML training.

The workshop will take place on 15 December as part of the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems in New Orleans, USA.

The call for papers is open. You can find all information on our dedicated website:

If you would like to learn more about our extensive work surrounding Synthetic Data and its use (eg for healthcare settings), have a look at our research pillar as well as our open-source synthetic data generation library Synthcity.

Andreas Bedorf