van der Schaar Lab

The fun der Schaar lab

Currently, the lab is incredibly busy with presenting our ground-breaking work at NeurIPS 2022.

To do well at these gatherings of the best ML & AI researchers in the world, our students have to work hard. Learning, research, personal and professional progress – being at the van der Schaar Lab means commitment to academic excellence.

However, to be able to be excellent and provide the energy necessary to be a great researcher also needs more than studying hard. A healthy work-life balance, a productive yet collegial environment, and also having fun are important ingredients that make a PhD a great experience.

One for the publishers…

Recently, we welcomed back some alumni of our lab to dine with our current students, talk about their experiences in Cambridge and their lives after. A great dinner and fantastic evening – a great example how we can be excellent at the van der Schaar Lab and also enjoy our time together!

One for when the work is done!

Andreas Bedorf